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Fiberglass Furniture to Transform Your Spaces

Fiberglass is quickly revolutionizing the furniture industry across the world. Fiberglass furniture makes an ideal fit for formal and informal spaces alike. It’s worth noting that your furniture of choice forms the backbone of the interiors of your building. Consequently, many property owners in Malaysia are looking for durable, well-built and stylish furniture.

The benefits of fiberglass furniture cannot be overstated. As a material for making furniture, fiberglass is considerably better compared with wood or metal. Fiberglass furniture is very lightweight, and thus easily moved around with minimal assistance. The material is very robust. Customers want quality furniture that will not easily break or get scratches. Also, minimal maintenance is required.

Fiberglass furniture is very vibrant and thus widely used to enhance the appearance and decor of both traditional and contemporary spaces. With proper coatings, your fiberglass furniture can be used in exterior spaces. This is because the material is water resistant, and hence can withstand downpour, with zero rust.

Fiber glass furniture offer utmost durability when properly maintained. In this regards, it is highly recommended that you use an ideal cleaning process. When cleaning your furniture, you should aim to achieve the best results, while at the same time contributing to a clean and stain-free environment. Using a sponge soaked with dishwashing liquid will work wonders. Apply it one the fiberglass surface and subsequently rinse it with water.

Looking to get rid of stains on your fiberglass furniture? A cloth moistened with acetone or paint thinner is proven and tested in eliminating stains. You just need to apply it gently over the stain and until it’s no longer visible. It is critical to choose non-abrasive cleaning products. Alternative options such as wire brushes can scratch the fiberglass furniture.

To know more about the best fiberglass furniture for your home or business, give Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd a call today! With us, there is plenty to choose from in terms of quality fiberglass furniture for restaurants, canteens, food courts and cafeterias. You can rest assured of the best quality and durability. True to our innovative culture, we are always keen to adopt new trends that will provide the best value for our customers.

Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd is the fiberglass manufacturer of choice in Malaysia.

The company is constantly expanding our inventory to in order to expand our reach, both within and outside Malaysia. We offer personalized solutions to enhance customer satisfaction. Contact us today for the best bargains in the market.

Contact us today and get your questions answered.

2ST2424 SQ

2ST2424 WO

2ST2424 W

4ST4824 WO

4ST4824 W


4ST3636 W

4STOOL-4824 WO



4ST4824 B

6ST7224 B (2+1)

6ST7224 WO

6ST7224 W


8ST9624 B

8ST9624 WO


4ST4824 B (JS)

4ST4824 B-H

5FT6024 B-H


6ST7224 B-H

6ST7224 B (JS)


8ST9624 B-H

8ST9624 B (JS)




LB-4 + FRT 4824-1VP

LCB46 + 2ST4824B



WOOD 4ST4824 B

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