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For many years, fiberglass canteen and food court furniture has been a relatively great investment as it is durable and it actually is quite comfortable for customers to sit there to eat their meals. The unique finish seems to capture the attention of people because of the interesting variation of the surface and the striations of the fiberglass.

Companies are urged to use fiberglass canteen and food court furniture as it is very convenient. Not only it is convenient, but it is also highly attractive for this type of market industry and this kind of fiberglass furniture is deemed as safe for regular, ongoing, high number usage in food courts and canteen locations. This means that it will stand up to being used by customers all day long for many years.

The dry bind process that is used in the production of fiberglass canteen and food court furniture is not volatile and is monomer-free. Therefore this is clear evidence that the fiberglass used for making this kind of furniture is unique. The process provides interest as there are small points of darker and lighter shades of color and you can also note shadows in circular forms which are found at the bases where the furniture is attached to other parts of the furniture pieces.

As the company that makes this furniture, we take the extra needed steps to make sure that this masterfully designed and high quality fiberglass furniture will satisfy everyone in being both comfortable and convenient at the same time. Fiberglass furniture is simple, sleek, modern, appealing, easy to clean, durable, smart looking and what is expected for canteens and food courts.

What is so appealing about this fiberglass canteen and food court furniture is that it is attractive, durable furniture that will complement the ambiance and décor of most places. It is simple stated elegance and practicality offered in one piece. This is what people want. This furniture comes in a wide spectrum of colors to suit your preference. The colors are attractive, bright, deep and pleasing to the eye. These colors adapt well to any setting.

This type of fine quality fiberglass furniture is molded well with precise comfort in mind for those using this furniture. Designers and those who frequent restaurants have always had a real affinity for this type of furniture in canteens and food courts. This is casual furniture that lets people relax as they enjoy some good food and fun time with their family and friends when they are out and about.

It cannot be denied that this type of furniture is the accepted norm and will be around for a long time. Therefore it is truly is a worthwhile investment for any food court or canteen.

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2ST2424 SQ

2ST2424 WO

2ST2424 W

4ST4824 WO

4ST4824 W


4ST3636 W

4STOOL-4824 WO



4ST4824 B

6ST7224 B (2+1)

6ST7224 WO

6ST7224 W



8ST9624 B

8ST9624 WO


4ST4824 B-H

4ST4824 B (JS)


6ST7224 B-H

5FT6024 B-H

6ST7224 B (JS)


8ST9624 B-H

8ST9624 B (JS)




LB-4 + FRT 4824-1VP

LCB46 + 2ST4824B


WOOD 4ST4824 B




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