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Melamine / Plastic Banquet Table Malaysia

Melamine plastic banquet tables are ideal for diverse applications including intimate dining general seating and banquet seating. With so many different banquet sizes and designs available, it’s essential to choose the tables that match your spaces.  You can choose between a rectangle and round plastic tables. Also, blow moulded, medium duty and heavy duty plastic tables are available depending on the specific needs and requirements.

When it comes to the melamine banquet tables, the thick composition board with melamine surface offers a comfortable and reliable service. Additionally, the edges have a heavy duty molding to ensure utmost stability. Metal legs are critical for a sturdy frame that ensures utmost performance. We have come up with excellent banquet table designs that ensure the table is stable even on wet floors.

Some banquet tables have folding legs which come in handy for storage and transport. Whenever the need arises, the legs can be easily folded thus maximum convenience. Folding legs are especially suitable for situations that require quick or frequent reconfigurations. You can choose from different dimensions of melamine banquet tables, in terms of length and diameter for round tables, and length, width and height for rectangular banquet tables.

Whatever the application at hand, you want a banquet table that combines exceptional versatility, convenient storage, and affordability. Space efficient designs enable easier storage. Rounded edges on melamine tables help protect patrons and guests from bumping into sharp corners, which may cause injuries. As a customer-centric company, we care about the safety standards of our furniture.

It’s worth noting melamine and plastic banquet tables are superior to traditional wooden tables. Plastic tables are as much as 20% lighter than wooden tables. This makes them extremely easy to use, transport and setup. It’s thus not surprising that the banquet tables have been widely adopted by diverse clients including catering companies, restaurants, banquet halls, social clubs, and even schools.

When it comes to the manufacturer of banquet tables, it’s essential that the tabletop doesn’t chip, crack, peel or rust. The frame of the table should support adequate weight. One of the profound benefits of melamine plastic banquet tables is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. It goes without saying that customers want a table that can be easily wiped off the table in order to keep it sparkling clean.

Our banquet tables guarantee many years of use and enjoyment. The products are

waterproof and stain Resistant, hence ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.  Clients can choose from a variety of colours, thus making it easy to match the décor of your spaces or event theme. It’s an economical and durable choice for your business.

BN700 N1-C

BN700 N1-E

BQ700 B3-N1-E

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