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Berjaya Steel Railings brings you the best, contemporary furniture designs for making your spaces look both cozy and appealing. Metal benches are the hidden gem that may be missing from your space. The handy piece of furniture is highly recommended for space-saving, and to make a statement in a commercial space. Metal benches are also being increasingly adopted for residential rooms.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, a good bench is an integral feature of any outdoor space in a commercial or residential property. Metal benches can provide ample seating, complement the look of an area and provide an inviting space to unwind and enjoy some much-needed space. As a business, the type of furniture you have speaks volume about your organization.

Choosing the right benches for your reception or waiting areas is a fundamental step to achieve a good first impression for your visitors. If you want to upgrade the beach seating in your waiting areas or outdoors, choose from the full range of Berjaya Steel Railings metal benches.

Metal benches from Berjaya Steel Railings are made from stainless steel that is naturally resistant to physical damage and fading. Our benches exceed industry standards for abrasion and flexing resistance. Consequently, you can be sure of extended years of use, even in the most demanding industrial environments. The frame and seat have a weather-resistant finish that is both durable and visually appealing.

While the material is robust enough for everyday use, it’s imperative never to stack metal benches on top of each other. This is because the metal surfaces hitting against each other might cause the surface to chip and scratch.

The top quality metal benches from Berjaya Steel Railings find their distinct character through subtle detailing and simple designs. The benches can complement any outdoor setting. The latest compelling designs from Berjaya are tailored to the requirements of our diverse clients. With our manufacturing capabilities as a leading metal benches manufacturer in Malaysia, we strive to find a balance between aesthetics and comfort.

One of the profound benefits of metal benches is the minimal maintenance cost. It’s easy to keep metal benches visually clean for long-lasting aesthetics. Also, the material does not need any paint to maintain its look and shine.
You can easily clean the bench with a damp cloth. Some people use mild detergent or dishwashing liquid, but this may not be necessary. After cleaning, we recommend always wiping with a dry cloth afterwards.

Foundation of Support
The robust pedestals provide a secure and stable foundation. Such a design ensures safety for the person using the bench, and it does not tip over from front to back or side to side. If you are running a business, choosing a metal bench is a better option than other inferior material that can cause litigation due to accident or injury.

Save Money & Time
If you need quality metal benches in Malaysia, enjoy access to a full range of furniture at competitive prices. Contact us today and get your questions answered.














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