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An outdoor cafe table is an excellent piece of furniture for outdoor seating areas in both residential and commercial areas. As a formidable furniture manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd offers premium quality outdoor café tables that have been proven to be functional, appealing, and timeless. This article explores what makes our café tables tick.

Design and style

Our range of range coffee tables are ideal for varying landscaping design, and they suit outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. They can be used to complement your outdoor seating for both residential and commercial areas. In addition, the tables are smooth to the touch, and with excellent aesthetics. For optimal comfort, the café tables can be paired with quality chairs with weather-resistant cushions. 

High-Quality Long-Lasting Material

Before choosing a particular outdoor café table, it’s essential to pay much attention to the materials used in manufacturing. The Berjaya outdoor café tables are designed using the best quality materials to achieve superior product features. Before selling any furniture, our team inspects the joints to make sure they are secure. Also, the frame and legs are robust to withstand bending or warping. 

Considering the furniture will be used for outdoor environments, you want a cafe table that can withstand extreme external conditions. Our outdoor café tables are made using either stainless steel or High Pressure Laminate (HPL) that are UV resistant, besides superior surface wear and stain resistance. In addition, the materials are waterproof, hence no fading or build-up of mold. Stainless steel and laminate materials are competitively heavier, making outdoor café tables ideal for windy locations. 

Low maintenance

A golden tip when shopping for outdoor café tables is to choose a product that requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. Our customers can choose between stainless steel or high-pressure laminate material, both of which require as low maintenance as you can get. Whenever you need to clean the tables, a simple mix of warm water and detergent will eliminate any dirt or stains using a soft brush.

Alternative materials such as glass and wood are less durable and require much attention to maintain in peak condition. We recommend cleaning your outdoor café table whenever it’s visibly dirty to make sure it’s well appealing and comfortable for you and your guests. 

Looking for outdoor café tables in Malaysia?

Our range of outdoor furniture ticks all the boxes. Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd’s cafe tables are built with unmatched attention to detail by expert craftsmen to ensure the utmost value for money. When you choose Berjaya, you can expect the furniture to last for many years to come. Also, our products are competitively priced, with big discounts for bulk orders! 

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