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Plastic folding chairs are versatile and durable chairs that have proven themselves time and time again. At Berjaya Steel Railings, they are some of our fastest selling chairs in Malaysia. Plastic folding chairs have some fantastic benefits, and thus no surprise why they are one of Berjaya’s most popular furniture. The primary quality of a folding plastic chair is utility: the more you use it, the more you will get your money’s worth.

Check out some of their benefits:

Easy cleaning
Plastic material is incredibly easy to clean with a swipe of cloth and some soapy water. Also, plastic chairs generally do not easily stain. The Berjaya folding chairs are weatherproof and virtually maintenance-free.

Outdoor use
Plastic folding chairs can withstand extended outdoor use. In case of rain, water does not affect the chairs the way it would a wood folding chair. Are you having an event? The folding chairs can be left outside overnight without worrying about any damage. However, as much as they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, they are not indestructible hence we don’t recommend having them outside.

Easy to maintain
With plastic folding chairs, it’s pretty easy to keep your chairs looking good as new. Maintenance is easy, and scratches are hard to notice. Enjoy excellent impact resistance and overall reliability with a modern look.

Plastic folding chairs are a reliable and portable solution for companies and organizations in Malaysia that need to frequently transport or move their seats.

Heavy duty but lightweight
Ever tried moving a robust wooden chair by yourself? You’ll appreciate the ease with which you can manoeuvre a plastic chair. At Berjaya Steel Railings, our chairs are designed to support a relatively heavy load, while at the same time being incredibly lightweight and easily transportable. Our plastic folding chair, in particular, is sturdy, durable and lightweight to carry.

Plastic is much affordable compared to alternatives such as metal or wood. Consequently, folding plastic chairs can be found in many places, from homes to commercial spaces and industries. If you are looking to buy chairs in bulk, you can benefit significantly from the low prices of plastic chairs.

The versatility of plastic folding chairs cannot be overstated. At Berjaya Steel Railings, our folding plastic chairs come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, hence can easily match your home, commercial and industrial spaces. To fully meet your seating comfort and aesthetic needs, Berjaya plastic folding chairs are available in a range of colors. The products are ideal for Malaysia and other global markets. Kindly talk to our team for any questions.

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