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Product Code: SSDC 5

Model 款Description 产品描述EXT.DIMENSION
外型尺寸 -
(L x W x H) (长x宽x高) (mm) (inches) -
内部尺寸 -
(L x W x H) (长x宽x高) (mm) (inches) -
Weight 重量
SSDC5 5 x 4 x 5ftStainless Steel (5x4ft) Dog Cage (large)
不锈钢 (5x4尺) 狗笼 (大)
1580 x 1270 x 1500
(62” x 50” x 59”)
1520 x 1220 x 1210
(60” x 48” x 47 6/8”)
62 KG
SSDC5-W (5x4x5ft)Stainless Steel (5x4ft) Dog Cage with caster wheels only
不锈钢 (5x4尺) 狗笼只加脚轮
68 KG
SSDC5-D (5x4x5ft)Stainless Steel (5x4ft) Dog Cage with small door only
不锈钢 (5x4尺) 狗笼只加小门
63 KG
SSDC5-WD (5x4x5ft)Stainless Steel (5x4ft) Dog Cage with caster wheels and small door
不锈钢 (5x4尺) 狗笼加脚轮及小门
69 KG
Details 更多资料 Optional 选项:

(a) Add 4 pcs of 304 Stainless Steel brake caster wheels of 2 1/2 inches diameter.

加4粒 2 1/2 寸直径的304不锈钢脚轮。

add RM 264
要加 RM 264
(b) Add small door to existing door 在原有的门再加多一个小门。

add RM 60
要加 RM 60

Note :
– Ext.Dimension includes roof and stands.
– Int.Dimension covers only space for dog movement.
– Fully welded means the cage is fully built and cannot be knock down.

Tips For Cage Training Your Puppy

Everyone who has a puppy knows how cute they are. One of their biggest (and cutest) characteristics is their curiosity. Watching a puppy explore new surroundings with unabashed dedication is one of the best pastimes of any dog owner.

That curiosity though can get them in trouble. An unattended puppy can easily chew through dangerous electrical wires, damage clothing and shoes, and destroy woodwork. If you have to leave your home for hours due to work or commitments, having tools to contain your puppy are going to be necessities.

One great tool you can use is the stainless steel dog cage. They can keep your puppy safe while you attend to your days. They can take some getting used to though- from both you and your dog. Here are some tips to use for crate training your puppy:

1)            Purchase the right cage. Your best bet is always to go with quality. Choose a stainless steel dog cage that is appropriate to the size of your dog. You want a crate big enough for when your puppy is an adult, but small enough so they aren’t locked in unwanted space. Puppies can think too much crate space gives them room to relieve themselves and then move to the clean side for rest. Avoid this by picking the right size crate.

2)            Call your puppy over to the crate and let him explore it. Let him sniff it and see what it is. You can also put a toy inside of it to let him associate the crate with another “good” thing in his little life.

3)            Once your puppy gets used to the crate, call him over and give him a treat. Give him the command “crate” and encourage him to get in. Always praise your dog when he starts going into his crate. You want to let him know that this is good behavior.

4)            Slowly close the door, encouraging him the entire time, and sit quietly by the crate with him for a few minutes. Pay attention to how he reacts. If he is skittish or crying, give him time to get used to being in the crate with encouraging words. Calm him down using your voice and positive reinforcement.

5)            Make the “visits” to his stainless steel dog cage 5-10 minutes long – remember that puppies have short attention spans. Work with your puppy until he’s comfortable and relaxed sitting in his crate. Move farther away, even into another room, and let him get used to being alone in his crate.

6)            Let your puppy dictate how long you stay on each step of the process. If he’s inclined to sit in his crate quietly early, then move on with training. If he has a more difficult time with it, spend more time working with him.

In the end, training your puppy for spending time in the stainless steel dog cage is going to be beneficial. You will be able to leave your puppy at home when needed and be sure that he or she is safe. And, your home will be safe from curious puppy chewing.

What are the points to look for when buying a Stainless Steel Dog Cage.

1.      不锈钢的等级,如 304,202,201. 当你采购时,要坚持304的,虽然价格较高,但物有所值。 (请参考生锈现象栏)
The grade of stainless steel e.g.304,202,201. Do insist of Grade 304, although the pricing is higher, it is worth the quality you get. (Refer rust properties column).

2.      笼的重量,比较其他同类笼子的厚薄。 (请参考以下资料)

Total weight of the cage, in comparison of similar cages, the total materials used. (Refer below informations)

3.      用普通脚轮或用不锈钢脚及不锈钢轮。 (请参考以下资料)

Normal caster wheels compared to stainless steel pipe stands and stainless caster wheels. (Refer below informations)

4.      全焊接与拆装式相比。 (请参考以下资料)

Fully welded compared to knock down. (Refer below informations)

5.      狗笼脚踏板-用白钢管或塑胶脚踏板。 (请参考以下资料)

Cage flooring – stainless steel pipes compared to kennel board. (Refer below informations)

Rust Properties of Stainless Steel for Dog Cage 用不锈钢制造狗笼,会有以下生锈现象
1. Grade 201, rust after using for a very short period.
2. Grade 202, rust spots will appear after certain period of using.
202等级,用了一段时期,会起生锈点。Rust Spots 生锈点
3. Grade 304, rust free except dirt looks yellowish around welded areas. Disappear after washing by water, and wipe with normal cloth. For our company, we only use Grade 304 stainless steel.
304 等级,不会生锈,除了在焊接过的部分会变黄(污垢), 不过用水冲洗及用布抹就会消失。本公司只用 304 等级不锈钢。

Note : Stainless Steel Grade 304 is rust free under rain or shine. However, it will turn yellowish, appears as rust when expose to acids (especially sulfuric acid, which is widely use for cleaning the tiles). Please take step to avoid this, we are not liable.

注 : 304 等级不锈钢,在一般的情况使用是不会生锈的。但是如因碰到酸 (尤其是硫酸,广泛用于清洗瓷砖) 就会变黄。请避免让不锈钢接触到这硫酸。这不在我们的保用点。

Total weight of the cage, in comparison of similar cages, the total materials used. (Refer our cages weights and compare with other cages)    笼的重量,比较其他同类笼子的厚薄。 (请参考我们笼子的重量再与其他笼子相比)


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Our thickness of stainless steel material range from 0.7mm to 1.0mm, 2 to 3 time heavier than normal knock down cages. 我们的不锈钢材料厚度,从 0.7mm 到 1.0mm 。 比一般的拆式狗笼重二到三倍。

Pros and Cons of Dog Cage with Caster Wheels compared to Stainless Steel Pipe Stands 用脚轮与用不锈钢管脚的狗笼相比
(a) With Normal Caster Wheels 用普通脚轮的
Pros 好处Cons 坏处
When the wheels are still new (before rusted), the cage can be pushed around easily.
After a short period, the wheels will rust, corroded by dog’s urine. The cage cannot be pushed around and rust stain all over the floor. It creates an ugly sight.
过了一段时间,脚轮被狗尿腐蚀会生锈。脚轮生锈了就不能移动,更糟的是满地留下生锈污点,整个狗笼很不好看。Wheel Rust (脚轮生锈)
(b) With Stainless Steel Stands用不锈钢脚的
Pros 好处Cons 坏处
The stainless steel stands are rust free, the cage forever looks good.
In case we have to move the cage(which we seldom do), you need to use some strength.
如果你要移动那狗笼(一般上放定了位就很少移动), 用力拖就可以移到。
(c) With 304 Stainless Steel Castor Wheels 用304不锈钢脚轮
Pros 好处Cons 坏处
The wheels will not rust and the cage can be pushed around easily.
The cost is higher

Pros and Cons of Fully Welded compared to Knockdown Dog Cage 全焊接与拆装式狗笼相比
(a) Fully welded 全焊接的
Pros 好处Cons 坏处
Frame work forever firm, even after years of being charged by big dogs i.e. no shape deformed, durable
Transportation fee higher
(b) Knockdown 拆装式
Pros 好处Cons 坏处
Low cost for transportation.
Framework shaking. Dog cage deformed after long time charged by big dogs.
Cage Flooring, Plastic Kennel Board compared with Stainless Steel round pipes. 用塑胶板与用不锈钢圆管做脚踏板相比。
Plastic Kennel Board Flooring 用塑胶板做脚踏板

Kennel Board 狗笼脚踏板

Kennel Board as cage flooring is to prevent dog paws & legs from being injured. 用塑料做的狗笼脚踏板,可以防止狗的脚受伤。

Stainless steel pipes flooring 用不锈钢圆管做脚踏板

The pipes are very slippery, especially when they are wet. This will cause sprain injury to dog legs. Consult your Veterinary. 湿的不锈钢管是很滑的。因此会导致狗脚扭伤。请教你的兽医。

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Dog Cage – SSDC 5

Product Code: SSDC 5

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