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Non Collapsible Stainless Steel Cat Cage For Multiple Cats

Cat fanciers and people involved in showing cats have a problem with containing their cats in their home, while traveling, and while waiting to show their cat. People love their cats and want them to get plenty of exercise and “outside” time but there are circumstances that require that a cat or a group of cats be caged for their safety and health concerns for people.

The collapsible stainless steel cat cage for multiple cats from Berjaya is the perfect solution to cat containment that makes it easy on the cat and on their owner.

The cage is made of stainless steel. This means that the cage will never rust. Rust from inferior metals can accumulate in the food and water inside the cage and produce a health hazard for the cat. The 304 grade stainless will never rust.

The cage is designed to prevent injury to cats. The stainless steel grid can allow a playful paw to emerge from the cage but the metal is shaped in such a way that no harm can come to a person’s beloved pet.

The cage is easily transportable on four caster wheels. The interior of the cage is large. The cage is 4 feet high, 3 feet thick, and 2 feet in depth. The gate openings have a secure latching system that is impervious to escape even by the most intelligent and curious of kitties. There are two doors at the top and bottom to make it easy for the owner to remove or insert their cats.

The large size allows a person to transport a family of cats together. The cats do not suffer separation anxiety. This feature is particularly important when transporting a female and her kittens. Being together keeps the cats in a better frame of mind while traveling.

There are three stainless steel rests inside the cage that are positioned at different heights. The rests are large enough to fit adult cats. The positioning of the rests was designed to allow the animals as much freedom of movement inside the cage as possible. Cats are not cramped or confined to a small space when traveling or being kept inside.

The cage is completely collapsible. The sides, top, and bottom come apart with a minimum of effort. This feature makes the cage easy to store when not in use and easier to clean. Assembly takes only a few minutes and the pieces simply snap together.

The cage is ideal for the multiple-cat family and provides a roomy mansion for a single animal.

This cage was designed to provide a comfortable and safe means of confining a cat or a group of cats when necessary. The stainless steel prevents injury to sensitive noses and feet. The cage is designed to provide ease and comfort for the pet owner and the cat.

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