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A. Restaurant / Cafe Tables / Meja Restoran / Kafe

B. Restaurant / Cafe Chairs / Kerusi Restoran / Kafe

C. Bar Sets/ Set Bar

D. Outdoor Stainless Steel Furniture / Perabot Outdoor Stainless Steel

E. Canteen Furnitures / Perabot Kantin

F. Other Furniture

G. Cages

H. Job References

Stainless steel is unmatched as a fabrication material. It’s robust, durable, and looks good. Steel more heat-resistant and less prone to corrosion compared to metals such as copper or aluminum. Also, it’s available in a variety of grades; hence it can suit a variety of uses. When it comes to fabrication, stainless steel is made thinner without compromising strength. As a result, the metal is adaptable to a variety of projects.

Through the use of top-of-the-line and the right expertise, stainless steel can be cut, welded and everything in-between with ease. Berjaya Steel Railings has an in-house fabrication plant for the production of a wide range of quality, flawlessly finished bespoke stainless steel equipment, tailor-made to our client’s requirements. These include a variety of household, commercial and industrial equipment.

Custom Made Stainless Steel fabrication in Malaysia

Berjaya supplies fabricate construction equipment such as railings for public spaces and corporate offices, panels, light fixes, cladding, stainless steel furniture and accessories. Our fabrication plant enables us to customize stainless steel to your space and taste.

We cater to diverse clients like hospitals& clinics, laboratories, food& beverage industries and even in education and research institutions. You can trust us for quality designed and fabricated steel products. Also, our prices are very competitive.

Most ideal applications

Stainless steel is a highly preferred metal for a range of household and industrial applications. For example, it’s the best choice in sanitary environments such as laboratories, hospitals and clinics. This is primarily due to its corrosion-resistant properties.

Through custom stainless steel fabrication, Berjaya incorporates a significant number of variables that combine to achieve a fixture that is perfectly suited to specific project applications. Ideal areas of applications include commercial kitchens, hospitality environments and education facilities, among others.

Stainless steel is widely used in construction due to its robustness and durability. There is minimal risk of heat or chemical damage, besides an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. A lot of household appliances and restaurant equipment are made using stainless steel because of its superior aesthetics, even with heavy use. When used on buildings’ exteriors, the metal maintains a fresh look, even after years of exposure to extreme conditions.

Raw materials

Several raw materials are necessary for metal fabrication. Knowing the right materials to use can help speed up the fabrication process. At Berjaya, our stainless steel fabrication teams have access to a full supply of what they need to get the job done. Through our industry network, we can source the best quality raw materials at competitive prices. These include plate metal, fittings and castings, among others.

We guarantee results

Berjaya boasts a modern stainless steel fabrication facility utilizing the latest equipment, machinery and highly skilled fabrication team. Consequently, we can consistently service the fabrication, machining, cutting and welding needs of our clients throughout Malaysia.

Whether your requirement is a custom fabrication project or a standard product, our dedicated team at Berjaya Steel Railings can work with you to produce premium quality stainless steel jobs. We are committed to quality assurance and best-proven fabrication techniques to provide seamless and worry-free project delivery and beyond.

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