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The knee operated bowl sink from Berjaya Steel Railings is hands-free operated, making it very hygienic to use. Contaminants from your hands don’t get onto any buttons or taps, minimizing cross-contamination and promoting hygiene. In the end, it helps protect you and those close to you. This hands-free sink is designed for maximum hygiene and reliability.

Areas of application
Stainless free sinks are ideal for use in environments where contamination is likely, such as outside grocery stores or commercial kitchens. The sink is especially suitable in areas where many users need to wash their hands frequently and at the same time, avoid cross-contamination.

Through the use of hands-free tapware, there is limited contact with the sink. Ideal installation areas for our hand free knee operated bowl sink include food handling, processing, workshops and manufacturing facilities. The product offers an excellent solution when space is at a premium.

So, how do you activate the tap?
The hands-free activation is stress-free and straightforward and eliminates any hands contact. The tap is activated by Knee pushing, eliminating the need for electronic or mains powered tapware.

Easy to install
At Berjaya Steel Railings, we sell the sink pre-plumbed. Also, it’s incredibly easy to install, and you can even choose to DIY. There are zero electrical connections. Just like with any other hand basin or wall basin, you should ensure that the wall structure is sufficiently robust to support the equipment during use. The stainless steel hand free knee operated bowl sink requires a fixed water outlet for wastewater.

Quality material
The stainless steel is exceptionally heavy-duty and can withstand harsh weather conditions. In this regard, it can be ideal for both interiors and exteriors environments. When you purchase the sink, it comes complete with all the necessary parts, including pressure limiting valve and waste outlets. You can be certain that the sink has the best quality components from pipe to tap! It’s the product of choice for those looking for a high quality handsfeee bowl sink that is easy to clean.

The sink is an economical handwashing product for a residential area, commercial premises or any organization where hygiene is of the utmost importance. The stainless steel material is incredibly long-lasting and durable. Also, the hands-free operation can save as much as 80% of your water.

Care and maintenance
As much as stainless steel is a long-lasting and reliable material, every grade of the metal material can eventually discolour or stain after years of heavy use. In this regards, we recommend keeping the sink as clean as possible. With proper care, your hands-free knee operates bowl sink from Berjaya Steel Railings will give you many years of service life and performance.

At Berjaya, our success stems from our committed to having a customer-oriented approach, adhering to the requirements of our diverse clients and balancing between safety, design & comfort. If you are looking for a stainless steel hand free knee operated bowl sink in Malaysia, contact us today for the best deals.







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