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3 Factors To Consider When Buying Stainless Steel Handrails

A Handrail is installed specifically to be held as a support system in staircase, ramps and other walkways. It is also used as a guard in balconies, stairs and boats. Handrails are usually made of wooden or steel materials, although, most people choose Stainless steel handrails over the wooden. This is mainly due to, its strength and durability,the ease of maintenance, its aesthetic value, the ease in installation and setup and its generally affordable price. The steel handrails are used indoors and outdoors by homes and commercial establishments. It is also used mainly as guardrails in boats and balconies. For whichever reason you may choose to use stainless steel handrails, here are three factors to consider before buying them:

Consider the Grade of the Steel before buying

When it concerns steel handrails, there are different types, these types are categorized in grades. Amongst the various grades, the grade 304 steel, which contains 18% Chromium and 8% nickel, is the most versatile. Its nickel content is used to maintain the austenitic composition of the steel, even at low temperatures. This grade is one of the most commonly used, mainly because of its resilience and durability. These factors coupled with its low maintenance cost, make the 304 a highly desirable steel. The 304 is highly resistant to corrosion, especially from oxidizing acids, although it can be corroded after excessive exposure to chlorides such as, saline water. This is why it is highly recommended for indoor utilization.Your purpose of using the steel handrails will determine the grade of steel chosen.

Consider the height of the handrails

Due to building regulations and your overall safety, the height of the handrails is of great importance, most especially when handrails are used as guardrails in stairs, balconies and boats. There are set building regulations in most countries that determine the height of the handrails accepted. For example, the UK building regulations determine the height of handrails to be 900mm high, when used in stairs. So therefore, your country building regulations will be a strong determinant when selecting the height of steel handrails. Although when using wall handrails, the height is not of the same importance, as the length takes more priority.

Consider Aesthetic value

Stainless steel handrails may come indifferent designs, some with beautiful cravings ingrained on them. They also come in different shapes, with mostly, round, square and rectangular shapes available for selection. Your personal aesthetic taste should be a factor when buying steel handrails, especially if they are to be used indoors. Although an aesthetically pleasing handrail may be nice to have, it considerably better when it is of good quality.

Your purpose of usage would bring all these factors together and help you in buying stainless steel handrails which would best fit your needs. Although these factors would go a long way helping you select your steel handrails, knowing more would help you make more informed and better choices.

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