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Have you and your fellow Muslims had trouble washing your feet? Say no more. Thanks to Berjaya, this nightmare should soon be a non issue. Many of us struggle to find the right sinks to clean up, especially during times of prayer. Indeed, at Berjaya Steel Railings, we offer the best solutions to your unique problems. Among Berjaya’s most recommended products are our innovative Foot Washing Sinks.


At Berjaya, we offer a wide variety of Muslim foot washing sinks. We have designed foot washing sinks to be in tandem with your environment. As per the number of people using this sink, you can purchase varieties for 1, 2 or 3 people. Therefore, whether you are alone or hanging out with friends and family, you can wash your feet at the same time.

With Berjaya, you are welcome to enjoy the efficiency our washing sinks offer. Berjaya Steel Railings incorporates the latest technology in its products. The foot washing sink is no exemption. Made of stainless steel, our latest model is secure from corrosion and guaranteed to serve you in the long term.

Washing Sinks Set Up

Berjaya’s foot washing sinks are among the easiest to install by plumber and use. Our Muslim washing sinks are built to fit in just about any space. Whether you are looking to have foot washing sinks in your house or office, where to set up Berjaya’s sinks should be the least of your worries. For starters, you may just place them anywhere so long as there is a nearby water source. Our washing sinks are easy to handle and do not need any level of expertise to set up. Placing the foot washing sink on a concrete floor to manage water spilling should work just fine.

Customer Service

Our customer care desk is always one call or text away.  We also provide among the best after-sales services in the market. Whenever you face issues with your Berjaya foot washing sinks, we are always happy to be of assistance. Our policies are also customer-centric. Therefore, you will rarely go wrong with Berjaya.

Buy Now

Should you be interested in one or several of our Muslim foot washing sinks in time for Ramadhan, we have an impressive shipping scorecard.  Whether you are buying one or numerous washing sinks, Berjaya Steel Railings will get you what you need. Feel free to contact us in case of any inquiries.

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